Pure CBD Bath Soak

Relaxing CBD Bath Soak


Minerals, Herbs & Salish Sea Salt

Crafted from sea salt harvested from the Salish Sea, our CBD Bath Soak pays homage to our local Olympic Mountain indigenous peoples. Using native medicinal herbs, we’ve crafted the perfect blend of exfoliating salts, enriching minerals, and healing plants to help repair and relax your body while you soak.

Natural – A fragrance free blend of our best selling bath soak.
Love Spell – a blend of cherry blossom, peach, and white jasmine.
Sequim Lavender – a blend of lavandin and french lavender.
Alki Beach – a blend of bergamot, coriander seed, white vanilla and smoky caramel.



9 oz - Salish Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Baking Soda, Citric Acid, 300mg CBD Isolate, Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Sage Leaf, Milk Thistle, German Chamomile, Cherry Plum, Arnica Montana, Horse Tail, Rose Hips, Coltsfoot, Nettle Root, Lichen, Lemon Balm, Meyer Lemon, Honey berry, Erfurter Calendula, Green Papaya, Lychee Nut, Rambutan, Green Tea, Turmeric, Magnolia Flower, Willow Bark, Black Pepper, Orange Peel, Guava Fruit, Blackberry, Natural Colors (Derived from Superfoods)

Suggested Use

Our Pure CBD Bath Powders are pH balanced and designed exfoliate the skin while nourishing your skin with enriching medicinal herbs and relaxing inflamed joints & muscles.

For effect, add a handful (about 2 oz) of bath soak per tub and let dissolve before enjoying the relaxing experience.

Paraben & Sulphate Free, NON-GMO, Not tested on animals, No Artificial Colors or dyes, and Palm Free.

Production Process

Using hemp flowers grown on our own farm, we render CBD isolate through a process of CO2 extraction and fractal distillation. We then combine our CBD Isolate with medicinal herb compounds, extracts, and absolutes into rich blend of ocean salts and minerals. All of our CBD relief goods are third-party tested for potency, pesticides and heavy metals. Our testing process ensures we offer a product that is natural, safe and consistent. To view test results click the button below.

Customer Love

6 reviews for Pure CBD Bath Soak

  1. Erin (verified owner)

    I love this! I have sciatica and it helps calm it down. I have chronic pain daily but this helps diminish it

  2. cammoss87 (verified owner)

    I purchased the Full Melt Body Soak in Lavender and it’s incredible also and full lovely lavender scent and packed to the brim with product, worth the money most definitely!!! Can’t wait to order some more in another scent!! It’s a bit of heaven in your bath as you sir back and soak and relax, feeling soft and smelling like a field of fresh lavender ?

  3. Shanna

    Love! Love! Love! I got the Lavender one and it smells great!

  4. Rochelle (verified owner)


  5. yarbrol (verified owner)

    I love this product! I”m a big fan of bath salt, but this one is special. Such an amazing stress reliever! I had a lot on my plate at work recently and this combined with your other products was a must for my daily routine to destress!

  6. Ciony

    I deal with chronic sciatic nerve daily and this is the most amazing bath salts I’ve ever soaked in. Their motto for this should be soak your problems away because it does exactly that. Relives your stress and inflammation within 15 mins of soaking and you come out smelling sensatiable! Sativa valley is such a wonderful company with products that never disappoint and pure hearted people who create them. Thanks for always helping me unwind, being apart of my discomfort management team and keeping my mind at ease.

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