Erfurter Calendula Seed

Calendula officinalis


Calendula officinalis

Fully double, bright orange flowers on 18-24” plants. Erfurter is a preferred variety for commercial production in the US, with larger flowers and a somewhat higher resin content than Resina. Petals can be used to make a natural dye, or even fed to chickens to keep egg yolks extra vibrant.


Care Information


7 – 14 days.

Days to Maturity

65 – 70 Days


Transplant (recommended): Sow 4-5 weeks before last frost.
Direct seed: After last frost at a depth of 1/4″. Make 2-3 successive sowings 2-3 weeks apart for continuous blooms from summer to heavy frost. 

Soil Requirements

Rich, moist, and well drained

Light Preference

Full Sun to Part Shade

Plant Spacing

12″ apart

Hardiness Zones



Harvest the leaves of the marsh mallow plant when the flowers begin to bloom. Roots can be harvested in the fall of the second year of growth, or in the spring or fall of the third year.


Harvest once the flowers are fully open and pull petals off before using in dishes. Do not eat the calyx or flower centers. Harvest flowers during the hottest part of the day for the highest resin content.
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