CBD Pet Drops – 100mg 1oz

Pure CBD Isolate & MCT Coconut Oil


Natural Relief Tincture

Your pets can now enjoy the same benefits of pure CBD oil that you do. CBD is a naturally occurring molecule that works in the endocannabinoid system of an animal to help support normal health, among other benefits.



MCT Coconut Oil, CBD Cannabidiol Isolate, and Potassium Sorbate.

Suggested Use

Our recipe relieves pain and discomfort associated with arthritis, injury, and muscle damage. CBD Pet Drops also relax your pet, bringing about a sense of calm. Perfect for pets who are easily frightened or have anxiety in new environments / home alone / or separation anxiety.

For effects, give your pet one drop for every 4 lbs, every 4 – 6 hours as needed. For dogs 50lbs and more,  begin with one full dropper every 6 hours as needed.

For best results, apply directly to the mouth or on a small treat. The various positive effects from CBD extract can be achieved using different serving sizes. Every dog & cat is different, so start low and observe behavior.

Consult your veterinarian before use if your pet is taking medications or if any adverse reactions occur.

Production Process

Using hemp grown on our own farm, we render CBD isolate through a process of CO2 extraction and fractal distillation. We then dilute the extract with fractionated coconut oil to ensure accurate CBD concentration according to product potency. All of our CBD tinctures are third-party tested for potency, pesticides and heavy metals. Our testing process ensures we offer a product that is natural, safe and consistent. To view test results click the button below.

Customer Love

25 reviews for CBD Pet Drops - 100mg 1oz

  1. Ashley

    It helps with one of our labs seizures. We’re trying to keep him off the hard meds as long as we can. And this works to help calm him down and makes them not last as long.

  2. Catie Morton (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the quick delivery of this product! My 13 year old lab was really struggling to get up and walk. I felt so guilty that I ran out of her Cbd oil and then I ordered it and it arrived very fast! So pleased with this product!! Can’t say enough good things!!

  3. Brittany (verified owner)

    My cat has been urinating outside his box every few days for the past three years.
    This stuff is magic. I am going on one month problem free. He gets 3 drops a day. He is so much happier and calmer.
    I could cry I am so happy he is behaving and happy.
    Thank you SVE!

  4. DJ (verified owner)

    The cbd pet drops really help with my tiny 10 lb rat terrier’s fear of thunder storms. I give her 3 drops and she is noticeably more relaxed. We check the weather and give her the drops whenever thunder and lightning is forecast. Now she seeks out a warm lap or curls up next to me instead of shaking uncontrollably in fear, under the bed. Love this product!

  5. Kanina Chavez (verified owner)

    My Golden injured her leg and was in a lot of pain. The CBD oil came within 2 days. Thank you so much!

  6. wildlife65 (verified owner)

    Really helps my dogs

  7. wildlife65 (verified owner)

    Helped my dogs with there Anxiety.

  8. movalleylynchs (verified owner)

    This tincture is amazing. Our 6 year old lab injured her knee. Postoperative ly she wasn’t getting much relief from vet prescribed tramdol. She responded so positively the vet asked how she could be doing so well. I explained that CBD over tramadol was her secret. He’s now a believer.

  9. Jennifer Rasmussen (verified owner)

    My lil Chi is so happy that I found Sativa Valley Essentials! The cbd oil really helps him out with arthritis. He actually begs to get his treat with a drop or 3 on it. He has actually started to do circles when I come home. But I am sure it is not about me it’s about the CBD oil placed on his treat.

  10. Lynne (verified owner)

    I have a Bernese Mountain Dog that can be quite nervous at times. After using this product just one time I can see a noticeable difference in my boy. It’s so wonderful to see him so relaxed and enjoying himself when we are out and about. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product!

  11. Lauren G (verified owner)

    My large breed Great Pyrenees has extreme separation anxiety and this has been a TREMENDOUS help. He is over 100 lbs but I don’t even need to give him too much to even see and notice a difference. He does not freak out when I leave the house and he in general is a lot more calm.

  12. Maddy

    My dog copper has become a completely different dog in the best ways ! she’s an older mix dog, probably a sheep dog breed. she grew up terrified of children. anyone that i would let meet her, i had to warn them about her biting with new people/kids. she’s bit many of my friends but she’s such a sweetheart to me. I went to Sativa Valleys tent in hempfest seattle and got a small amount to try for her. we give her about 6 drops a day and she barks at squirrels/nothing way less, she’s more welcoming to people, and more interested in socializing. i totally recommend this product !!

  13. Sandra Arellano (verified owner)

    These drops has helped my nervous 11 cat calm down. I give her 2 small drops in her food twice a day. She is now much calmer

  14. leilashearer (verified owner)

    As our seventeen year old dog was entering hospice I was trying everything I could to ease her anxiety, discomfort, and appetite. After trying several other brands a friend gave me a bottle of Sativa Valley and it was night and day. She was able to go off medication and ate literally up until the day she passed away. Since then I have recommended it to several people (for their dogs) for issues running anywhere from fear of fireworks, anxiety post-surgery (her dog wouldn’t sleep), appetite loss (one from cancer treatment and the other anxiety from the first not eating), to keeping our own dog sedate as she went through heartworm treatment. I wouldn’t recommend any other. Consistency and quality.

  15. Liz Cortner

    I am a small animal acupressure therapist. Sativa Valley Pet CBD is the only brand that I recommend to my clients. I love the fact that it is in the CBD Isolate form so there are no THC concerns and that it is alcohol free. It works beautifully on every dog that I have suggested it for. I have used it for dogs with surgical discomfort. arthritis, anxiety and in hospice situations. I won’t recommend any other brand for dogs or humans. Simply beautiful products.

  16. Lisa

    Absolutely stand by this product. My lab has severe hip issues and this allows her to be her and not be in terrible discomfort.

  17. Jenny (verified owner)

    I give this product to my very anxious 10 year old dog who has a history of abuse. It relaxes her in the evening so she does not feel the need to pace around the house

  18. suzhunter56 (verified owner)

    Crazy Amazing I was a true skeptic, but have been happily proven wrong. My 10+ YO Standard Poodle has osteoarthritis in his spine. This CBD has given him a new lease on life. I was a Vet Tech for 13+ years and have never seen results like this. I’m also using the time release tablets for my cranky old feet. OMG! The results have been truly dramatic. Love the fact this is a local company and can actually speak with a human if I have any questions.

  19. Jenny R Shultz

    My dog has adenocarcinoma and the pet tincture has been a life-saver. A few days after starting him on the oil 2x/day he was more energetic and his appetite was back. The CBD oil seemed to give him the comfort boost he needed.

  20. Debra Gould (verified owner)

    Love The Pet 100 mg tincture. I;ve been giving it to my 15 yr. old German Shorthair Pointer for 4 months now and he is doing much better and eating better too.

  21. Robin

    I use this product for my dog who can not tolerate thunder storms, we have really bad ones. 1 dropper at the start of her nervousness and she is able to tolerate the storm and noise. Best product yet

  22. Jami Stutz

    Wow! Such a difference in my kitty in such a short period of time. I bought it for him because he’s got a mass starting to grow on his shoulder and he’s been waking with a limp for quite some time. After giving him one dose I came back to find he was no longer walking with his limp and he was showing me how happy he was by licking my face and waking all over me. This old man hasn’t done much moving around in quite some time so I knew he was showing me how happy he was. This stuff is amazing!

  23. Katie

    Just purchased a bottle a couple weeks ago and my 17 year old cat seems to be less stressed by the other cats in the house and seems to be walking better than before…appears less stiff and walks with a stronger presence. It makes me hapoy to think I can help her feel more comfortable in a safe way. Only 2 drops seems to make a differenxe in her food so a bottle should last quite awhile which makes me feel the price paid was a steal. Thank you!!

  24. Benedetto DeFrancisco (verified owner)

    What an amazing product! My elderly bulldogs love these drops to alleviate their aches caused by arthritis and inflammation. Within a day, we noticed significant improvements in their ability to walk/run/play and get up after a long sleep. My dogs used to take prescription pain killers and became addicted to them, and after a while the pain medicine seemed to lose its effectiveness. That made us feel uncomfortable and we wanted a safer, healither and equally effective treatment solution for our dogs. I highly recommend these drops – my dogs are living and playing proof that it helps! Thank you so much!!

  25. Dre & Demi

    After starting my black lab/Weimaraner mix (then 13 1/2, now 14) on Sativa Valley’s CBD pet tincture, the results were immediate (3-5 days) and incredible. She was getting along fine before the CBD, but I didn’t truly realize how much she was feeling her age. The CBD pet tincture gave her a new spark; she gets around so much better and acts like she FEELS better, too. She will be getting Sativa Valley’s CBD pet tincture until the day she dies. Thank you so much for making this wonderful product!

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