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True Comfrey Seed

Symphytum officinale


Symphytum officinale

True Comfrey is a hardy, drought tolerant plant that prefers well drained soil and full sun to partial shade. As part of the Boraginaceae family, it is a course and clumping herb comprised of multiple stalks. Traditional usage (TWM): Cell proliferation, cuts, scrapes, deep injuries. Source of allantoin, mucopolysaccharides and also potentially toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids.  Often recommended for external use only.



Care Information


15-30 days.

Days to Maturity

90 days


Stratification: A 30 day period of cold, moist refrigeration followed by planting in warm conditions will speed germination appreciably. Barely cover and tamp.
Transplant (recommended): Tamp seeds into the soil mix or just barely cover with soil. When transplanting, place seedlings 6-12″ apart in rows 24-36″ apart.
Direct seed: Sow shallowly, 1/4″ deep, one seed per inch in spring. Thin to 6-12″ apart

Soil Requirements

Well-drained soil containing good fertility and organic matter.

Light Preference

Prefers Full Sun (6 hours of direct light or more) or Partial Shade (3-6 hours)

Plant Spacing

24 – 36″

Hardiness Zones

Zones 3 – 9


Livestock: High in protein, the leaves make a good feed for chickens and pigs, may be added to the feed of all domestic animals, helping maintain good health and weight gain.
Medicinal: To harvest the leaves throughout the summer , cut the whole plant down to three or four inches above the crown for regeneration. Roots should be harvested early spring or fail when there are no aerial growth.


Comfrey is a common ingredient in poultices, salves, oils and ointments. Containing high levels of allantoin, comfrey is a powerful cell proliferant internally and externally and is used to knit wounds and damaged tissue back together.
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