Lemon Catnip Seed

Nepta cataria


Nepta cataria

Cat-attracting perennial with gray-green leaves and white flowers. Markets for catnip include cat toy crafters, herbal tea companies, and retail plant sales. Flowers are very attractive to bees. Vigorous, high-yielding variety with a hint of lemon.


Care Information


7 – 10 days.

Days to Maturity

75 – 85 days.


Transplant (recommended): Start 6-8 weeks before the last frost in the spring. Barely cover with vermiculite; seeds require light to germinate. Thin to one plant per cell, pinching out the growing tip for a bushier plant. Transplant outside when 3″ tall with a final spacing of 12-18″.
Direct seed: Direct seed after the last spring frost or in early fall, sowing 2-3 seeds per inch. Tamp seeds onto the surface of the soil or just barely cover them; seeds require light to germinate. Commercial growers should start with well-irrigated soil beds and roll the seeds into the soil. Rows should be 18″ apart and individual plants thinned to 12-18″ apart. 

Soil Requirements

Catnip will grow almost anywhere, but ideally in sandy soil.

Light Preference

Full Sun (6 hours of direct light or more)

Plant Spacing

12 – 18″

Hardiness Zones

Zones 3 – 9


Harvest individual leaves when the plants have become established. The top 3/4 of the plant maybe harvested starting in the second year. To dry, hang branches upside down in a well-ventilated, dry location out of sunlight.


As its name suggests, Catnip is largely used as a mild euphoriant and sedative in house cats. It can also be used in herbal teas for flavor and for its calming properties.
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