Fizzy Bath Bombs


An explosion of essential oils and pain relieving CBD extract, drop one of our Bath Bombs into your next soak!


More Details

How Does it Work?
Our pH balanced recipe uses fizzing bubbles to disperse skin soothing essential oils and comfort creating CBD extract as you soak in the tub!

Recipe Benefits?
We formulated this recipe specifically to reduce dry skin, premature aging, and more problematic inflammation conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

What’s Inside?
25mg of relieving CBD (Cannabidiol) extract for anti-inflammation, Baking soda for effervescence, Citric Acid to mix the essential oils, and a blend Essential Oils grown and distilled right here on our farm in Washington State.

How Do I use it?
Drop one half of your fizzy bath bomb into your tub and watch it bubble and swirl for 3-5 min. Once the bubbles are done, slip into the water for a calm and relaxing bath like you've never had before!

Paraben and Sulphate Free, pH Balanced for comfort

Ingredient List
25mg of pain relieving CBD (Cannabidiol) extract for anti-inflammation, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Water, Arnica Extract, Honey Berry Extract, Cherry Plum Extract, German Chamomile Extract, Borrage Extract, Milk Thistle Extract, Turmeric Extract, Horsetail Extract, Green Tea Extract, and organic coloring.

Sweet, fresh off the vine fruity, and tropical with a hint of citrus as the papaya juice runs down your face.

A very romantic scent, she’s Victoria's secret mixing light fruit, citrus, and flora's with a hint of plum that every lady loves

A warm blend of bergamot and coriander seed fuses with the hearty, oak notes of patchouli to surround you with a robust, welcoming scent. White vanilla musk and hints of irresistible caramel encapsulate the intriguing aromas of smoky wood

As the ocean breeze hits the lavender fields of Sequim, floral and sweet herbal notes fill the air with balsamic undertone of fresh crisp morning dew.


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