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Savor the pure essence of nature with our Wild Crafted Elderberry Jam, a rich and ethically harvested delight.



Wild Elder Berries, Wild Black Currant Berries, Organic Pectin, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Citric Acid, Pectin. (Available for a limited time only.)

Suggested Use

Experience the essence of the Olympic Peninsula in Stone Tree Farms’ Wild Crafted Elderberry and Wild Currant Jam. Ethically harvested amidst stunning landscapes, this blend of blue and black elderberries and wild wax currant is a testament to organic excellence. As winter arrives, let this jam become your heartwarming companion—perfect on bread, in yogurt, or enhancing desserts. Stone Tree Farms’ jam is more than a spread; it’s a seasonal delight, capturing the Peninsula’s bounty for a comforting taste of nature in every jar.

Production Process

We grow and wild harvest berries during the summer and fall, depending on the berry, and bring them to our farm for cleaning. After combining all the best ingredients from Grandma Hazel's recipe, we add a few special tricks of our own, and deliver each jar fresh during the holiday season. Available for a limited time only.

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