Artemesia Seed

Artemisia annua


Artemisia annua

Sweetly aromatic annual. Tall plants with fern-like dark green foliage dotted with tiny cream-yellow colored flowers. Use foliage for wreaths and as filler for mixed bouquets. Also known as sweet annie, sweet wormwood, and Chinese wormwood. Traditional usage (WHO): Anti-malarial, cancer therapy.  Source of artemisinin.  Overdose of this plant potentially toxic due to thujone content.


Care Information


7-21 days at 70-75°F (21-24°C)

Days to Maturity

120 Days


Light dependent germinator.  Sow on surface of sandy soil and keep moist until germination.
Transplant – Sow 5-6 weeks before last frost. Barely cover the seed. Bottom water or mist to avoid covering the seed with displaced soil. Transplant to cell packs or larger containers when the seedlings have the second set of true leaves. Harden off and transplant outside after the danger of frost has passed.
Direct seed – Sow after last frost. Cover seed lightly with soil. Broadcast seeding is not recommended. Keep moist. Thin to desired spacing.

Soil Requirements

Tolerates wide range of soils

Light Preference

Prefers Full Sun (6 hours of direct light or more)

Plant Spacing

12 – 24″

Hardiness Zones



Medicinal: Fresh or Dried – Once flower heads have developed on stems.


The plant is used for its anti-parasitic effects and to treat gastrointestinal problems, anorexia, and indigestion. The aerial parts are present in many gastric herbal preparations, in dietary supplements, and in alcoholic beverages, for example, absinthe products, which enjoy a resurgence of popularity all over the world.
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