The simplest of topical preparations, no solvents are involved. Use vet wrap, bandage, gauze, or other cloth to hold it in place if needed. Adhesive bandages work for small areas, maxi pads (secured with a cloth) in a pinch. Popular poultices include fresh plantain leaf for bee stings, yarrow leaf for wounds, and aloe for burns.

What You’ll Need:

  • Mashed fresh plant material or dried herb powders
  • Water or other liquid, if needed to moisten dried herbs
  • Cloth or wrap (if needed) to hold poultice in place


  • Chew fresh plant material or mash it with a mortar and pestle. Moisten dried herb powders with clean water, vinegar, honey, or an appropriate liniment/tincture to make a paste.
  • Apply poultice to the affected area. If needed, cover and wrap to hold it in place. Replace every 30 to 120 minutes as needed. Gently irrigate with saline between wraps.

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