Holy Basil Beverages

Holy Basil’s fabulous flavor and nerve-soothing, stress-relieving properties make it a favorite beverage herb. Use it dried in tea. Fresh sprigs (including those blossoms you trim off to encourage growth) can be steeped in hot water, cold water, or seltzer. One of the best things about summer! Try holy basil solo or consider these delightful garden blends.

Suggested Blends:

  • Holy Basil + Lemon Balm: Calming, mood lifter, anti-anxiety, great for workaholics to de-stress and before bedtime.
  • Holy Basil + Rose: Gladdens the heart, ease stress, lift spirits.
  • Holy Basil + Peppermint: Invigorate the mind, boost energy, and lift the spirits.

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