Brain-Boosting Tincture Blend

You can prepare this from premade individual tinctures or make a combination of fresh plant tincture. Play around with this mind support recipe to find the right combination for you.

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 parts, gotu kola tincture
  • 1 part, bacopa tincture
  • 1 part, lemon balm tincture
  • 1/2 part, holy basil tincture
  • 1/4 part, rosemary tincture
  • 1/4 part, peppermint or spearmint tincture


  • If using premade individual tinctures, measure out part by volume. For example, if each part is 1 ounce, your final tincture blend will be 5 ounces. Shake well to combine.

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