Olympic Mountain Hemp

The majority of our CBD Isolate and CBD Broad Spectrum products all begin with our verdant American Hemp field located near Port Angeles, Washington. We grow a few different varieties of Cannabidiol, or CBD, rich American Hemp plants. We also grow a smaller test plot where different genetic strains of Hemp are grown, experimenting to discover which varieties do well under mountain conditions.

Where do all of our plants come from? Cuttings are propagated from some of our very special mother plants – special American Hemp varieties rich in cannabinoids and well adapted to their future mountain climate. Mother plants are kept in a sustained foliage produce growth state in order to harvest many cuttings throughout her life cycle.

At 1,000ft above sea level, our Olympic Mountain hemp field enjoys 17 hours of full sunlight during the high summer helping them produce high yields of hemp flowers. As warm air from the mountains rolls down towards the sea, cooler air from the ocean streams underneath to create strong air circulation throughout the field – preventing mold, mildew, and other crop challenges. Plants are grown to maturity from April to October, just as the daylight hours wane and the plants become heavy with CBD rich Hemp flowers.

As an organic hemp producer, it’s very important to have beneficial insects, such as lady bugs and lace wings, to help keep our plants healthy. To sustain a strong insect population, we do not use any pesticides or herbicides in the growing of our plants. We also have a collection of 10 bee hives which spend their summers out in the Hemp field, harvesting pollen and nectar when available. Their honey has an especially distinct cannabis flavor we enjoy at the farm.

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