Homegrown & Wildcrafted Herbs

Our small family farm has been growing all kinds of medicinal herbs, plants, and tree’s for over three generations in the Olympic Mountains of Sequim, Washington. We grow over 65 different plant species, all of which have their own unique medicinal properties. From Ashwagandha to Valerian, there’s always something new to discover when you explore our herb farm.

We grow the majority of our medicinal herbs on our Sequim farm, located near the Bay of Blynn and Diamond Point. Our farm is divided into two sections: Five acres of our farm is dedicated solely to growing open-field medicinal plants, fresh-cut flowers, and vegetables. The remaining five acres is covered in a dense native forest rich in local biodiversity. Some wild medicinals we harvest directly from our own forest, such as Turkey Tail Mushrooms, Cottonwood Buds, Watercress and Angelica.

We also wild harvest a wide variety of medicinal herbs from the greater Pacific Northwest Region. From Oregon to Alaska, we ethically gather medicinal herbs, such as Arrow-Leafed Balsam and Western Yarrow, as well as lesser known medicinals like Wild Chagga and Fireweed. Many of our wildcrafted herbs are gathered every two to three years, harvesting only 1/3 of the available plant, in order to reduce stress and ensure the health of future gathering seasons.

All of our medicinal herbs are gathered, dried, and processed into potent extracts in order to make a wide variety of relief goods – from tinctures to topicals – there’s something for everyone!

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