Arrival: Sunny Farms Supplements!

You can now find your favorite Sativa Valley Essentials products at Sunny Farms Supplement store in Sequim, WA! They carry a selection of Tinctures and Topicals, as well as products for your pets. Here some info on our newest retail partner:

The Sunny Farms Supplement store in downtown Sequim offers a wide range of natural health supplements with a variety of brands to choose from. They have much more than just supplements though!

They have protein powders, nuts, snacks, beverages and dried fruits, bath and beauty products, homeopathic medicine, Himalayan rock salt lamps, honey, chocolates, and one of the best selections of organic wines on the peninsula.

The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and here to help you find what you are looking for, or answer any questions you might have. Combined, they have decades of experience in supplements and natural remedies.

They have great customer feedback on our products and love to provide this knowledge to you. Consider their store a community of friends, employees and customers devoted to learning and improving our lives, to live a healthier lifestyle. Their store is a great resource of information on natural health and healing.

And the coffee is always on!

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